4 Interview Tips from the Big Fish Team

Mike Rutherford

There are plenty of interview tips that could be shared with job seekers, but instead of posting a long list of suggestions, each Big Fish Staffing team member has shared their top interview tip:

  • Donna – (Recruitment & HR Advisor):

Prepare your answers! Take some time to review interview questions that you believe you will be asked during a job interview. This will help give you an idea of what you want to say for your responses. This preparation will also reduce stress as you won’t be caught off guard and stumbling for an answer during the interview.

  • Amanda (Creative Director):

Be kind to everyone! Treat everyone you come across with respect. This includes the door-man, the janitor, the receptionist and the person who is conducting the interview. Not only is it the right thing to do, you also never know whose opinion is taken into account when a company is hiring someone new. I had previously worked with someone who would ask the receptionist how the candidate handled themselves prior to the interview. Regardless of their qualifications, if the candidate was rude, they were not considered for the position.

  • Bruce (Owner & President):

Research, Research, Research! In addition to research on the position and company, conduct research on the person you are interviewing with. Look up any recent news with the company that involved them or their department and check to see if you have any mutual connections with the interviewer. This knowledge will make you both feel at ease and give you a leg up on the competition.

  • Nick (Lead Recruiter):

Treat an interview with a recruiter like any other job interview! This is one error that I have seen multiple times over my interviews with candidates in the past. Some candidates don’t believe that an interview with a recruiter is the same as an interview for a specific job. A recruiter is someone who has the ability to strongly assist in your jobs search and as such you should ensure they have the best perception of you. You need to be prepared, show up on time and dress for a professional interview.

By keeping these 4 interview tips in mind for your next interview, you could greatly increase your changes of landing your next position!