6 Ways to Make Your Meetings Less Cringeworthy

Mike Rutherford

We have all been to meetings that we could have been absent for. Meetings that run longer than anticipated, or that have one person who asks too many questions that only pertain to them. It is experiences like this that can make us dread meetings. Below are 6 tips on how to keep meetings efficient and make people not dread attending the ones you host!

Meeting Tips:

  1. Only have the meeting if it is necessary.

    Sit down and think “is this information that can be relayed over an email or a phone call?” if the answer is yes, don’t hold a meeting.

  2. Only invite people who the information actually pertains to.

    Do not invite anyone to the meeting that is not affected by the material covered. You may feel like you have to invite a whole team. However, sometimes the information only pertains to certain members of the group.

  3. Send out an agenda ahead of time.

    By sending out the agenda ahead of time, attendees know exactly what will be covered and be able to prepare. This preparation can include areas that they need to report on or bringing to the table well-thought-out questions.

  4. Stick to the agenda.

    If someone brings up a topic that does not pertain to what was on the agenda, have them talk to you about it afterwards and possibly add it to the agenda for a future meeting. By allowing new content to be brought to the meeting you may catch some attendees off guard which can make the meeting take more time than initially budgeted for.

  5. Don’t be afraid to stop a “question asker”.

    If someone continually asks questions that only pertain to the work they’re doing, ask them to speak with you afterwards. You will lose the audience’s attention easily when you discuss things that don’t have anything to do with them.

  6. Start and end on time.

    By starting on time, you give the attendees warning for future meetings that it is not okay to stroll into the meeting 5 minutes late or they will miss important information. By ending on time, it shows not only do you respect the time of your attendees but that they can come to expect that in future meetings with you. You don’t know each attendee’s schedule for the rest of the day, and they may have a meeting scheduled right after yours that they don’t want to be late for.

By following these simple tips, you can increase the productivity of your meeting and not have your attendees dread attending. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions that we have missed.