It’s the 66th Annual CMHA Mental Health Week May 1 to 7, 2017 # GETLOUD

Mike Rutherford

It’s the 66th Annual CMHA Mental Health Week and we’re getting loud for mental health.

I am a survivor of suicide – my mother’s. Twenty-seven years ago, I lost my mother to suicide and it did not have to happen.

Twenty seven years ago, there was not much in the way of resources for people that needed help. The word suicide/ mental illness was whispered in families that lost someone or had someone struggling including mine. Our family is much better today and we are trying to make a difference and will #GETLOUD for 66th Annual CMHA Mental Health Week, May 1 to 7, 2017.

I encourage everyone this week to have a conversation and make sure everyone knows it’s okay to talk about mental illness! Have that talk TODAY with people at work, with your friends and family. If we make it safe to talk about it and let them know there is help, we can increase the chances of people really hurting to get help and change their lives. My Mother’s story had an unhappy ending, let’s not have any more of those!

Bruce Covernton.