Big Fish Staffing – Company Update

Mike Rutherford

Big Fish Staffing – Company Update

By: Bruce Covernton, Big Fish Staffing Owner and President

Big Fish Staffing has been off to a great start! We have reached our 3-month mark of being open for business! We wouldn’t have been able to get here without our friends, family, clients, staff, and community partners. I truly want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you! We are happy to report that business is going well. Additionally, we are looking forward to it getting even better in the next quarter.

When we opened I can’t tell you how often I heard “what a terrible time to open a staffing agency”. It may have seemed that way on the surface but I believe the contrary – there has never been a better time! We were able to grab office space at a reasonable price, utilize cloud-based technology and secure top-level talent to join our team! With these 3 factors, we have been able to start a staffing company with the new cost-conscious reality in mind!

It is true that there is an influx of candidates in the current market, but our expertise not only lies in recruiting the top talent for our clients but also in screening our candidates properly. This ensures that the candidate stays in the role they are placed once the economy shifts – as we know it will.

One of our founding values is Community. We donate a portion of each hour billed to a charity on a quarterly basis. We are proud to announce that the charity selected for the Big Fish Staffing Fund for our first quarter is The Calgary Brain Tumour Walk!

It has been a busy first few months, but it has been great to partner with clients, candidates and competitors to share ideas openly and create a company that truly works. We look forward to our upcoming months where we will be expanding our service lines.

Some highlights from our last 3 months:

  • We sponsored the 2016 HRIA Community Champion Award and were proud to present it to Allan Friesen.
  • We hosted a booth at the 2016 HRIA Conference. Our guests were able to take professional LinkedIn photos by Don Molyneaux.
  • We received an overwhelming response of attendees to our kick-off Party that was held at Spolumbos.
  • Our team attended the CUPS/Calgary Stampeders Kickoff Breakfast to raise money and awareness for CUPS.
  • We organized a Fort Mac clothing drive to collect donations to those affected by the Fort Mac fires.
  • We attended a fantastic Stampede Parade Party.
  • Bruce and Donna participated in the Calgary Brain Tumor Walk supporting brain tumour support programs, services, education and research.
  • Bruce attended/participated in the Calgary’s Children’s Hospital Alumni Football Game.
  • Amanda volunteered at the Drop-In Centre serving meals to their clientele.
  • Nick volunteered his time and coached the Calgary North team in the Alberta Cup Hockey tournament in Canmore.

Again, we want to thank everyone who has supported us and has had a hand in bringing us to where we are today. If you know anyone looking for work, or you find yourself needing assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Big Fish Staffing team members.