Big Fish Staffing Fund – The Calgary Brain Tumour Walk 2017

Mike Rutherford


This past Saturday, our Team (The Sweet Caroline’s of Big Fish Staffing) took to the bike paths of Calgary to participate in Brain Tumour Walk. We raised $1,300.00! This was our second year supporting this great cause. We look forward to supporting the cause next year and out growing contributions and team! Why We Walk? We walk …

  • Because those affected by brain tumours should never walk alone
  • To celebrate survivors – Kevin
  • To honour and remember those who have passed away, Caroline and Steven!
  • To bring hope
  • To raise awareness
  • To find a cure

What’s Our Impact? Because we walk…

  • Pediatric Brain Cancer patients and families are given the chance to forget they’re sick for a day through our BrainWAVE program
  • Survivors, patients, caregivers and loved ones can overcome challenges and find hope at a Brain Tumour Support Group
  • Patients and families facing a brain tumour diagnosis can make informed decisions with the help of a Brain Tumour Patient Handbook
  • New advances in research and treatment are made possible through funding Studentships, Fellowships and Grants.