Big Fish Staffing Recruiter Meet and Greet.

Mike Rutherford

Big Fish Staffing hosted it’s first in a series of learning sessions for our field staff, job seekers and some special guests from CDI College. Over 60 people took part in the free morning of coffee, great food and networking with some great advice and information from Mary-Ann Owens.

Three pieces of great advice passed to the group:

1) Be Generous with others – Give compassion, information and contacts freely to others. Tim Sanders author of “The Killer App” says 25% of the time you will get something back in return right away!

2) Volunteer in your industry or in a non-profit – You will gain experience, skills and contacts.

3) Promote your skills and progress – Let people know what skills you have, how you add value and what progress you are making in your process of attaining work.

If you are interested in attending the next Big Fish networking event feel free to contact us at