Big Fish Staffing and Rundle Eco Services Had A BIG Week!

Mike Rutherford


This past Wednesday, October 18th, 2017, our very own Bruce Covernton competed in the 15th Annual Eric Francis Pizza Pig-out at Cowboys Casino and you guessed it… he was crowned champion! All that hype on Social Media was well worth it. If you didn’t consider this a win you might want to check out this article because the Calgary Sun newspaper sure thought so

Go big or go home, Tuna!

The Friday, October 20th game may not have been the outcome of choice for some, However, the pre-game tailgate party hosted by Big Fish Staffing and Rundle Eco Services Ltd. sure helped ease the post-game pain. We would like to thank Village Brewery for their tasty craft beer and Burgundy Oak Shop for their generous contribution of the Smoke Barrel which was essential for such an occasion. The party starts once the barrel rolls in…

We would recommend their outstanding products to everyone! For more information on their goods please visit their website: or their online store:

Please also check out Village Brewery: and Spolumbo’s as they continue to impress us with their delicious fresh artisan sausages!

As usual, please keep Big Fish in mind for any of your temporary or permanent staffing needs!

 – Bruce Covernton, Donna Kuhnen, Bonnie Mo, Nicole Howard & Carol Rutherford