Our Services

Big Fish Staffing (BFS) is committed to providing your company with staffing solutions that are catered to your organization’s specific needs. By utilizing the latest technology, we are able to provide quality staffing and service at an affordable price to all service industries and job types.

BFS has a dedicated and experienced team that knows the Calgary marketplace. Their in-depth interviewing techniques are used to ensure each candidate is thoroughly screened, and has the personality and skill-level to make an excellent addition to your team. BFS focuses on getting to know your organization to create a proactive partnership to ensure the right candidate is placed the first time.

BFS bases its company and every day activities around four founding values; Community, Innovation, Customer Service and Relationships. With an emphasis on scalability and technology, BFS focuses on providing Calgary with the best service and the best applicants at the best price. BFS is able to offer the best price to its clients as it utilizes cloud-based technology which allows for a lower over-head cost without sacrificing service. With this cloud-based technology, BFS is easily scalable to other cities should the need or opportunity arise.

BFS acknowledges that some of the greatest difficulties faced with temporary placements is the longevity of the candidate’s commitment to the role. In today’s market, there are an excessive amount of candidates available, and BFS believes that the expertise will not just be in finding the right person, but also assuring the right person stays in their role as the market shifts and new opportunities open up. To assist with this, BFS offers its candidates a retention bonus that once staying on an assignment for 3 months, the candidate with receive a monetary bonus. This bonus is entirely paid for by BFS. This bonus is to help combat the high turn-over rate in long-term temporary assignments.

Our Service Lines include:

Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing provides the perfect candidate for your organization on a short-term basis. Temporary assignments can run from as little as 3 hours to as long as over a year for a maternity leave.

Temporary to Permanent Staffing

Temporary to Permanent Staffing involves employing a candidate on the Big Fish Staffing payroll for the first three months as a trial period, and after that trial is over, if the candidate is a great match for your organization, they transition onto your payroll.

Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing provides the ideal candidate for your organization on a long-term basis. From day-one the candidate is placed directly on your company’s payroll. One aspect that makes this option more beneficial than hiring someone on your own is that each permanent placement made with BFS comes with a guarantee to ensure the success of the placement.

Additional Perks of Working with Big Fish Staffing:

  • Post Assignment Survey: BFS is happy to provide post-assignment surveys to the candidates placed at your organization. These results can be used to track the satisfaction of your candidate’s placement and provide suggestions for future placements.
  • Extensive Interviewing Techniques: The recruiters at BFS go through an in-depth interview process with each candidate to ensure they know the candidate’s experience, expectations and personality fit.
  • Single Point of Contact (mixed with team collaboration): Although each team member is committed to enhance the experience you have with BFS, you will have one specific recruiter dedicated to providing you with successful temporary placements.
  • Customizable Response/Service Plans: At BFS we acknowledge that everyone has different preferences on how often we touch base. We can alter how often we check in with you, and whether you want an email or a phone call, all based on your preferences.
  • Software and Skills Assessments: BFS has the ability to perform skills assessments on candidates being considered for positions at your organization. There are various versions of assessments available and the version that the candidates are assessed on is determine by what is used at your organization.
  • Background Checks: At the request of the client, BFS is also able to provide background checks including Employment Verifications, Credit Inquiries, Education Verifications, Driver Abstracts and Criminal Record Checks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 403-454-2236 to discuss your staffing needs.