Healthy June

Mike Rutherford

Join Big Fish Staffing for Healthy June

Big Fish Owner and President, Bruce, has started an elimination diet this week for the month of June. As teamwork is very important in our office, the rest of the team has decided to participate in “Healthy June” where they dedicate to living a healthier lifestyle for the month to support Bruce’s new food regime.

The following Big Fish team members have committed to healthy lifestyle goals for the 30 days of June. We have decided to make the goals public to make us a more accountable for them:

  • Bruce: Bruce has committed to full compliance to his elimination diet.
  • Nick: Nick has committed to working out a minimum of 4 days a week.
  • Donna: Donna will be participating in the Brain Tumor Walk on June 5 and will be participating in a FitBit Challenge.
  • Amanda: Amanda has committed to walking to and from work every day and working out a minimum of 3 times per week.

7 Additional Suggestions to Join Healthy June

If the above goals didn’t inspire you, but you want to participate in “Healthy June” with us, here are some other healthy-living suggestions you can make while still at work.

  1. Order black drip coffee instead of mochas, lattes and cappuccinos. The sugar and even milk in the fancier beverages add extra calories to your morning routine. As an added bonus, switching to drip coffee should also save you money!
  2. Park further away than you normally would. The extra distance will increase your step count for the day.
  3. Take the stairs at work. If you work on a high floor this might be asking a lot, but consider taking the stairs up a few floors and then taking the elevator the remainder of the way.
  4. Bring a packed lunch to work. This should eliminate the desire to buy unhealthy fast food and you can control what you pack and what you eat.
  5. Leave your desk for lunch. Even if you brought food, go somewhere else to eat. It can give your mind a bit of a work-break and gets your legs moving. If it’s nice outside, consider taking lunch outside for a dose of fresh air.
  6. Work out at lunch. Even if this means a 30-minute quick work out, it is better than sitting at your desk for the lunch hour. Use a friend for motivation and meet them at the gym. Challenge each other.
  7. Drink more water. Set a reminder in your calendar to drink water consistently throughout the day to stay hydrated and curb food cravings.

We will see how the Big Fish Staffing team does on their goals. Feel free to share with us the goals you have made for June to increase your positive lifestyle.