Job Seeker Info

Job Seekers:

Whether you are a job seeker looking for a temporary placement or a permanent role, Big Fish Staffing (BFS) is dedicated to assist you to find the perfect employment opportunity to meet your current need. If you are just entering the workforce or if you are seeking a new opportunity, the BFS team has experience providing employment opportunities to any skill and experience level. BFS is committed to enhancing your job search by providing complimentary job search assistance.

Our in-depth interview techniques ensure our recruiters not only know your employment background, but also what your ambitions are for future employment.  Our team has experience placing positions in any industry throughout the Calgary marketplace and is excited to partner with you to assist in your job search.  We want to make sure your job search is a rewarding experience and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Why work with Big Fish Staffing?

Curious how you would benefit from working with Big Fish Staffing for your job search? Below are just a few of the perks of working with Big Fish Staffing:

  • You have the flexibility to decide your own work schedule. You let the recruiter know when you are available for assignment. This is especially beneficial if you are a student, a person who wants to travel, or have other requirements that only allow you to work part-time.
  • You have opportunities to explore new careers and industries and see if they are the right fit for you.
  • Eligible to be selected as Big Fish of the Month. This award is presented monthly to one candidate that has a positive attitude and displays an excellent work-ethic while on assignment.
  • You receive holiday pay on each pay cheque.
  • You have the opportunity to vote on which charity the Big Fish Community Fund goes to each quarter.
  • Big Fish Staffing pays competitive wages on all positions.

To join the Big Fish Staffing team, apply today!